Anti-gay proposal

Anti-Gay Proposal

Anti-Gay Proposal, has made it’s way to SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The chances are slim that a proposal to make it legal to execute gays and lesbians will appear on the ballot in California.  We all have the right to feel, vote or live ours lives however we choose fit, but really to execute gays and lesbians, we might as well bring back ownership of people.

We as the people of the United States should be making forward progress, but instead we are heading back to the dark ages and soon we won’t have to worry about anything because we would have killed ourselves off by bombs.

Mathew Gregory McLaughlin

Mathew Gregory Mchlaughlin, a California attorney and devout Christian, proposed in February a ballot initiative ominously dubbed “The Sodomite Suppression Act” that seeks to legalize the state executing “by bullets to the head” anyone found guilty of gay lifestyle. According to McLaughlin, a Christian from Huntington Beach in Orange County, gay sex is a “monstrous evil that the Almighty God commands us to suppress on pain of utter destruction.”

The measure bans sodomites from holding public office and outlaws “spreading sodomite propaganda,” or advocating gay rights to an audience, including minors. It makes violation of the prohibition against “spreading sodomite propaganda” punishable by 10 years in prison or a fine of $1 million and banishment from the state of California



Still, the measure proposed by Orange County attorney Matthew Gregory McLaughlin has caused concern for some.

“It’s terrifying and almost laughable in the same breath,” said Donald Bentz, executive director for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

image of donald bentz anti-gay proposal

Executive Director Donald Bentz of Sacramento LGBT Community

Bentz worries the measure could actually come before voters.

“It’s a little scary this actually could happen and if it does get to the ballot, the firestorm that this is going to create and the hate crimes that could result from that.”

Donald Bentz, executive director for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Last week, a group of state lawmakers filed a complaint against the proponent. The legislature’s LGBT Caucus is asking the state bar to review McLaughlin’s membership for violating a “good moral character” clause.

But legal experts don’t see the state bar stepping in.

“I think that’s problematic under the First Amendment because he’s not acting as a lawyer when he’s submitting these proposals, he’s acting as a citizen,” said Vikram Amar, a professor of law at the University of California, Davis.

Amar added that he’s confident the proposal would not become law.

“Something like this will ultimately never become law because it blatantly violates the state constitution and the U.S. Constitution,” Amar said. “There’s no question this is not even going to be a real thing, but the question is at what point do you put an end to it.”

via Calif. anti-gay proposal ‘terrifying,’ ‘laughable’.

3 responses to “Anti-gay proposal

  1. You’ve tagged this post laughable, but history reminds us to take the public utterances of people who are intent on gaining power seriously.

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